Precimed Enterprises Limited was founded in 2018 reason for starting is develop and upgrade the healthcare industry in the region by Providing the best quality of brands respected globally and to concentrate on Distributing quality medical equipment and devices.

Africa is one of the most untapped markets in the world, a fact that is brought into Sharp focus by the estimated $25 30 billion in new investment that will be required in Health care assets over the next decade in sub saharan Africa alone (IFC: the business of health in Africa) furthermore, sub saharan Africa’s improving economic Performance means that the demand Simohg all sectors of society for the health Care is poised to increase still further, and the IFC estimates that the market for Health care will more than double by 2026, going up to $35 billion

In light of such Scope, Precimed Enterprises Limited aims to facilitate the growth of quality Healthcare through the delivery of medical supplies to east Africa and other African Countries in the future.